5 Best Bun Thang Restaurants in Hanoi – Where to taste Bun Thang?

bun thang

Bun Thang is beautiful and delicious cuisine that you could not ignore when you visit Ha Noi because it is not only a dish but also a beautiful cuisine archived for a long Ha Thanh’s culture time. It will be shortcoming for gourmet if you don’t enjoy this noodle soup. The dish includes a large variety of ingredients and taste, but it still brings the elegance feeling of Hanoi cuisine.
Bun Thang is simple but it is very special. It requires the cook to be detailed, careful, so not all restaurants can cook well, cook “perfect” taste. Let’s review the 5 best restaurants Bun Thang in Hanoi with us!

The most favorite Bun Thang restaurants in Ha Noi:
1. Bún Thang – 48 Cau Go street, Hoan Kiem district, Ha Noi city

2.Hang Hom Bun Thang
3. Giang Vo Bun Thang – D2 Giang Vo street, Ba Dinh district
4. Ha Hoi Bun Thang
5. Hang Hanh Bun Thang – 29 Hang Hanh street, Hoan Kiem district



  1. Bún Thang – 48 Cau Go street, Hoan Kiem district, Ha Noi city

The restaurant located in the small alley on Cau Go street is decorated quite simple. The restaurant has air conditioner so you are not worry about hot temperature when eating. By the experience and skillful, the cooks here have made the most delicious broth. The secret is sometimes in small preparation steps. The broth is the water of boiled bones which was boiled from the night before, after that the broth is kept in refrigerator to freeze and remove all the tallow. Besides, while boiling the bones, the fire have to control in the middle level, it is not allow to big fire.

A bowl of Bun Thang consists of omelette, thin pork sausage, chicken, mushroom, radish, scallion and leafy vegetables, especially in noodles, everything is cutting into thin strips, it is very detailed and meticulous, you can add more shrimp sause if you want flavor to be concentrated and intensified. Neat arrangment all the ingredients and scooping the hot soup over the noodles make a perfect bowl of Bun Thang. Bun Thang is a wonderful dish in cooking and people enjoy it in the same way.

bun thang

Bun Thang has a colorful look

2. Hang Hom Bun Thang
The small street – Hang Hom is famous for two restaurants brand. Thuan Ly restaurant located at No. 2 Hang Chi, looking outside is not special and attractive but the quality and price of food are extremely good. Moreover, food in Thuan Ly restaurant is always display in closed glass meat-safe, they are very clean and tidy. The staff is enthusiastic, the owner is friendly.

Next is the restaurant at 11 Hang Hom. Compared to the general price, the price of food here is slightly lower. It is cheaper but the quality and quantity are good. The noodles here are still full with chicken, omelette, thin pork sausage, mushrooms, radish … and broth which have sweet flavor and delicious taste of chicken bones, mushrooms and shrimps.

Bun Thang

Bun Thang with tasty flavor

  1. Bun Thang Giang Vo

Bun Thang restaurant at D2 Giang Vo street, Ba Dinh district is other recommended places of the gourmet. The interesting point is a clear broth, natural sweetness, white noodles, soft chicken and a strong taste.
The noodles ladder is special with various materials, spicy hot pepper, garlic, the sweetness of bones in broth. The flavor of the broth make you remember forever after one time you enjoy.

bun thang

Customers always choose to have a full set of noodle soup

4. Ha Hoi Vendor
Enjoying this dish at Ha Hoi alley make you feel a very special feeling like back to Hanoi in the early 21st century. The small alley is quiet and far away from busy Hanoi urban areas.
The dish here is delicious but not much. The broth is clear, chicken flavor, sweetened with bones and dried shrimps, topped with a few slices of white chicken, a pinch of eggs sliced yellow gold, added a few fragrant smell and a few crispy crispy radishes. The restaurant opens from early morning to noon. If you visit in 7h – 7h30, it is ready.
bun thang
5. Hang Hanh Vendor – 29 Hang Hanh street, Hoan Kiem district
Although restaurant is simple, but it is very clean,cool atmosphere and commodious, the quality and price are not worried . Bun Thang here is said to have delicious taste, fullness, especially is very clean, orderly. Enthusiastic friendly staff. The prices are very suitable for many customers .
Hope with information from us above can help you have clear answer for the question’’ Where to find good Bun Thang in Ha Noi”. Please have many good meals in Ha Noi.

bun thang

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