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Trying to get on a trip and go to the capital of Vietnam, you will not disappoint. The ancient feature of Hanoi blends well with its modern. Follow us on a trip to find out about the experience of travel in Hanoi and cheap things Hanoi. Hanoi travel experience, self-sufficient, saving from A – Z tips.

  1. Best time to travel Hanoi

Compared with Southern part, Hanoi has a clearer weather distinction. Usually we will choose to go in August or October, because Hanoi is the most beautiful in the fall. This time is when the rainy season is over and Hanoi is like wearing a new shirt. This is an ideal time for some foreigners to explore the beautiful and ancient old town.

– If at that time you are too busy, then go to the Hanoi in period of February to April. This is also a suitable time to travel to Hanoi. Because in these months Hanoi weather will be cold, the air begins to warm up and there are no more cold, only some little rain.

– November, December and January will be the winter months, for those who like the cold in Hanoi. At this time Hanoi hides in the mist, looks more ancient.

According to the experience of Hanoi in each season, each season will bring us the suprise of personal feelings with their own beauty.

cheap things hanoi

  1. Transportation to Hanoi

Aircraft: From Saigon to Hanoi: Most will book airline tickets about 3 months earlier. Ticket of Vietjet or Jetstar will be cheaper. Do not book tickets in times of holidays or weekend because the ticket price will be much higher.

Moving from Noi Bai to the center of the capital: When you go down to the airport, if you see any car, you can go to them. The fare to move to the center is 40.000 VND / round. Remember to ask price before you go home. .

If you do not have enough money to buy an air ticket, go to the train station and buy one ticket. Taking the train costs longer time but the cost is much cheaper. Going for 2 days along the whole of Vietnam is also very interesting. Travelers enjoy the feeling of viewing this scene and shooting this. The bed is now much more comfortable, not afraid to sit around the butt.

Cars: Another way is to go by car, ticket price is 900.000VND / person, take more than a day there. Cars make you more tired than the train because they cannot move and need to stay lying. If you are not familiar with this, do not go to the car. The experience will be really hard.

  1. Transportation in Hanoi

Walking: Usually we will walk in the central area of ​​Hanoi, the area around Hoan Kiem Lake and the old town nearby. You can enjoy the scenery and take pictures every time and at the same time exercise.

Motorbike: The vehicle is extremely useful and is considered as the best choise upon arrival in Hanoi. Can be seen as a tool “pho” around the capital or beyond. In addition, I rent a car at the hotel / guest house where I stay for convenience, the price is also “hacked” than out again, more peace of mind.

Bus: If you are afraid of dust, sun and just want to see the capital city, this is a pretty good option. Just save, sunshine (but not hot, depending on whether the car is air-conditioned or not), but the time to move to a point is a bit long, Traffic jam terrible. You refer to the route of each bus in Hanoi here.

Grab / Uber / Motorcycle: Vote for Grab or Uber as they are reasonable price. If you are at the point where you are not able to catch these two vehicles, then you have to pick up the car. But before hiring a car, you should check some information such as the distance you want to go to and then the price of the Grab / Uber to be sure. If you have a local going with you, you can ask his/her to help.

  1. Attractive tourist attractions in Hanoi

With your first visit to Hanoi, places like Ho Guom, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum will be in the check-list that you should not miss right then. Here are some hot points for cheap things Hanoi that will help you have amazing photos and great pictures.

Ho Guom (Sword Lake)

cheap things hanoi

The first time I arrived in Vietnam capital, I tried to find the way to Hoan Kiem Lake because before I saw through books. I also watched television later via the Internet. This is such a fantastic place so this is the first point for me to set foot in Hanoi. I want to see it. As far as I see, people here they will not call Hoan Kiem Lake or Hoan Kiem Lake, they will call it Bo Ho. To hear it for the first time, I feel quite strange. However, next time you will see how intimate it is. As if Bo Ho is an intimate nickname of everyone here. Stop at a point in the lake you have chance to see many historical relics such as Turtle Tower, Ngoc Son Temple, The Huc Bridge.

St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Hanoi:

If there is Notre Dame Cathedral in Hanoi, Hanoi will have an Opera House of the Great for St. Joseph’s Cathedral. This is a French architecture in the early 19th century. The church is far from Hoan Kiem Lake (400m to 1000m, depending on where you are located around the Hoan Kiem lake). This place is at the intersection of the Old Quarter. When arriving in Hanoi, check-in here is an interesting ativity. Cheap things Hanoi.

Ancient city of Hanoi

Many old town around Hoan Kiem Lake. It is also in the spot can not be ignored when traveling in Ha Noi. The old town bold features most in Hanoi. Also, when walking along the streets, do not forget to visit Dong Xuan Market, Dong Xuan Alley, Bach Ma Temple, Quan Chuong Chapel or the 87 Ma May Old House. These are the famous spots in the Old Quarter cheap things Hanoi.

In addition to finding and buying books, if you want to try once being drowned in “books and heaven”, the Book Road will be a great place for you. In addition, they welcome a large number of bookworm coming here every day.

Mausoleum of Uncle Ho – One Pillar Pagoda

This is a place where we do not have to introduce much. If you visit Uncle Ho’s Mausoleum, you will have to follow these steps: Uncle Ho’s Mausoleum – Ao Ca – Nha San – Ho Chi Minh Museum – One Pillar Pagoda

You just need to follow the stream of people heading forwards only. Well, another small thing when visiting Uncle Mausoleum is that the costumes must be polite, serious (I wear long pants and sleeveless shirt for sure). You should go in the morning from 8am to 10am (remember that only the morning), and except Monday and Friday. They have cheap things Hanoi. The reason for the weird opening hours is still a mystery.

Royal City

You come here to experience the royal feeling. This is the center of trade and entertainment with the most European style in Ha Noi. Most of us just go here and see round the virtual life. However, everything here is expensive. Still, you should visit this place. cheap things Hanoi

This is the second tallest tower after Bitexco in Saigon, you will have the opportunity to admire the whole capital from above. The scene is most beautiful in the evening because this time, you will be watching the city lights up with beauty and a little romance (a small trick is to have a student card, remember to bring it here, I will save a good amount).

cheap things hanoi

The Youth

Note the name of this road immediately, a road is probably the most beautiful capital then. A dream road You go up it is West Lake, go down is Uncle Ho’s mausoleum, “beautiful” can not describe the characteristics of the road Two sides of the road are the two most beautiful lake in Hanoi that is the West Lake and Truc Bach lake.

If you are too familiar with those places, or you find these places not suitable for your children, do not ignore the list of virtual points around Hanoi. With art minds, art lovers, you can look through 3 Street Art in Hanoi or narrow streets in the heart of the capital. Believe me, just take on your bags and travel around Hanoi for some areas such as Tram Nui, Khoang Xanh, Dai Lai and so on.

In addition, there are many camping sites in Hanoi, just prepare a tent and food. You are set out ready for the sake of barbecue meat. There are ideal places such as Ho Ham Lon, Soc Son and so on.


  1. Enjoy delicious food, famous dishes when traveling in Hanoi

Yogurt – 22 Ba Trieu

This is my favorite dish when I go to Hanoi which is so delicious. I have the opportunity to go northern part to eat 3 to 4 cups.The shop located on the sidewalk near Ba Trieu Street is very easy to find cheap things Hanoi
Nem chua grilled / fried – No. 10 Au Trieu:

This is one of the most familiar pubs of people as well as tourists here, near the cathedral church. The most well-known dish is nem, but they also sells grilled fish or grilled squid. As a habit, I would like to add a glass of lemon tea for a special combo.

Ha Noi Curry – 74 Hang Quat

cheap things hanoi

Since I’ve never eaten a bowl of delicious buns like that, I feel they are so special. They are super delicious always. The price is from 50.000 VND which is totally reasonable.

Beer Show cheap things Hanoi

All the time I’ve been talking about food, just to forget about it. This is a brewery in the old town. At the end of the week, young people bring together Ta To – the busiest street in 36 streets. On this special show people enjoy time with beer, nem chua and other food, with the music and fun. The price is more expensive than other places. For each person, it is 50.000 – 100.000 VND. Basically it is acceptable.

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