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cool things Hanoi

Drink beer on sidewalk of the streets, enjoy coffee in the vendor stalls, travel around on a motorcycle – those are interesting and cool things Hanoi that CNN, the famous television channel has written about this city.

Spending time traveling in Southeast Asia, at the end you will have a feeling of similarity. However, when it comes to Hanoi, you will see the difference. The unique traits of Hanoi are quite significant.

The capital of Vietnam has a vibe of a cool breeze. It is a charming work that keeps simulating and blending between the French and Chinese culture while the Vietnamese culture retain its very own style.

Here are the differences and Hanoi cool things that we love the most, making Hanoi stand out from all the other cities in Asia.

You need to keep faith when crossing the road in Hanoi.

Getting on the road in Hanoi is like it happens in no other place in the world. It can be said that it is almost like a Bungee jumping (wearing a rope and jumping from above). When people say “keep walking, okay” then you just believe that though instinct tells you not to step.

Once you’ve left the sidewalk, put your first foot down the road, you have no way back. Cool things Hanoi You can only keep up the pace and hopefully the motorbikes will go around instead of just banging on you.

But things are always going well. Road traffic in Hanoi is “crazy” but it is organized chaos and one way or another, pedestrians still find a way.

As you walk, it’s time to test your faith in fellow people when you fall into the crazy world of motorcycles. Believe that motorcycles will avoid you when you cross the road!

When riding on a motorbike, it is like jumping into the river and running through the rapids. The total feeling for cool things Hanoi is insecure and upset!

cool things Hanoi

Crossing road in Hanoi

  1. Drinking beer on street

Hanoi sidewalk beer served throughout the day. Hanoi is famous for its “cheap beer”, produced daily by locals called “beer”.

Hanoi’s official draft beer is produced daily by Habeco. Beer is fermented throughout the day so every taste shop is different, depending on the frequency of sales. However, when the night falls almost no left over. To have a cup of beer is cool things Hanoi.

In Hanoi, you can drink beer in any corner. They often served with food and sometimes guests also enjoy the classic music of Abba and Boney M through the karaoke on the screen. Television shows pictures of cool things Hanoi.

For tourists, the best well-known beer can be found right in the old quarter of Hanoi, at the Hoi Corner beer bar, the intersection of Luong Ngoc Quyen and Ta Hien.

cool things Hanoi

Drinking beer on exciting streets

3. Ancient style

In Hanoi, the old town is not just a figurative phrase. It is a maze of at least 36 streets in the area between the famous Hoan Kiem Lake, the Red River and the remains of the ancient city of Hanoi. The old town is over 1,000 years old and will continue to exist.

As the oldest surviving place in Vietnam, the old town has become a shopping center where artisans organize it into 36 goods (silver, bamboo, hats, potato …), and each row is a street. Cool things Hanoi

The team of skilled craftsmen attracts a dense crowd of tourists, motorbikes, bars and zippo lighter shops. However, many temples, small pagodas and hidden public houses still retain their old-world charm.

Today, more iconic than tube houses, thin and tall. Come 87 Ma May or 38 Hang Dao you will see that.

To realize the ancient French villas with low floors often mingled in the commercial frontage, you just need to look up at the roof as it usually retains its original state.

In the heart of Vietnam, in the colonial period, the old town was the place where the anti-French resistance movements began.


  1. Fighting with pop music

The war against America is associated with pop.

Vietnam’s war on the American people is largely remembered for its crimes and anti-war movements abroad. Therefore, pilgrimage back to Hanoi has always been an important part of American veterans’ warfare in Vietnam.

Those who grew up with Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones’ anti-war songs can not forget the war that was associated with the rebellious movements of the 1960s and 1970s. It was a war that influenced youth culture. America for a decade and continues to spread to pop culture around the world.

cool things Hanoi

An antique Hanoi

To find the traces of American bombing Hanoi, go to Long Bien bridge crossing the Red River and connect freight from Hai Phong port. Or you can visit Hoa Lo which US soldiers often call Hanoi Hilton.

  1. The burden of goods

As a tourist capital, it is surprising that Hanoi lacks large shopping centers. Instead, you’ll find something more interesting – a shop right on the shoulders of women or men.

Anything you want to buy will be in small bamboo baskets and binoculars dangling on the shoulders of the salesman. It is both a shop and a means of transport by hawkers, who wear hats. They always inspire photography for tourists. Cool things Hanoi is that.

Buy something: bowl of pho, some mangosteens, some bouquets or household items and you will have pictures always accompanied by a bright smile in Vietnam.


  1. President Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Hanoi is the only city in South East Asia where remains the remains of President Ho Chi Minh. Cool things Hanoi to do. Every day, thousands of people visit the Mausoleum – the place where Presidents Ho Chi Minh’s body is preserved emanate emotion before the hero who regained independence for Vietnam from foreign domination.

cool things Hanoi

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is sacred site

  1. French style pavement café

The Vietnamese have not abandoned the legacy of the French colonial period, especially the ancient villas and this is the ideal place to enjoy the taste of the French people mixed with the hospitality of the East.

The art of enjoying coffee has been handed down from the French colonial period. In Hanoi, coffee is served in a French style, if the street is a theater, the café is the seat of the audience. But the typical feature is that diners are often served on small plastic chairs or rattan chairs just a few inches from the ground. Cool things Hanoi to do is for your trip.

cool things Hanoi

The young enjoys their time

French-Vietnamese fusion is most pronounced in Hanoi cuisine. French bread sandwiched with pate, vegetable, melon make Vietnamese pate bread delicious, nutrit

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