Hanoi at night (Things to do in Hanoi at night)

After a long day, the evening is a time when many of you feel tired and exhausted. You don’t want to do anything else but relaxing. At that time, do not choose to stay in the hotel. Rather you can go out for a walk, watching the scene of Hanoi at night. Here, we will introduce you the list of points to go to Hanoi. These places are very attractive for you to refer.

Hanoi beautiful night and extremely romantic, is the ideal tourist destination for you to roam, enjoy Hanoi at night.

  1. Hang Buom Street

This is the most famous cuisine in Hanoi Old Quarter. The street is very popular among Ha Noi young people You should look forward to walking in it at night. Hang Buom is one of the most famous and busy streets in Hanoi.

hanoi at night

Coming to Hang Buom, you will enjoy many delicious dishes, including traditional dishes, folk of the Vietnamese people to the Western style dishes. The food dishes are very delicious and attractive. Here you can buy food and take a walk. There are many things of Hanoi at night. If you want to sit and take a rest for a while, they also have space for you.

The price of food here is quite reasonable. It is only about 20.000 VND per bowl. Some of the most popular dishes are fried sticky rice, tuna potato, snails, fried potatoes or delicious teokbokki.

Especially, Hang Buom restaurant is only open on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The opening hour is from 7pm until midnight so you can come here to enjoy the food.

Hang Buom is definitely the ideal place in the evening of Hanoi for you to come.

  1. Long Bien Bridge in Hanoi

At night, you go to Long Bien bridge to have the feeling of wind. Watching the sight of Hanoi at night is a very elegant and relaxing activity of many people. Long Bien Bridge is also a place to watch the beautiful sunrise and sunset in Hanoi. People and couples to watch romantic sunset in Hanoi

If you come here, just go to the center of the bridge because the place is most convenient for you to see things. Coming for both sightseeing bridge and taking pictures of yourself, the most beautiful point is in the middle of the bridge.


  1. West Lake area in Hanoi

West Lake is one of the largest lake in Hanoi, where the beautiful scenery, especially when it is the night, gathers. You can come here and sit for a while. Hanoi at night

Large West Lake attracts tourists with many beautiful poetic landscapes in Hanoi. Especially in the summer, the West Lake is quite beautiful. The wind is splendid, the moonlight is very bright. It feels quite romantic. Here you will experience the most wonderful and most interesting things.

In summer West Lake still has with romantic space for romantic dreamers. They have a beautiful lotus pond along the romantic road of Korea and Japanese. This will make you more and more love this beautiful tourist destination in Hanoi. Sitting in the West Lake area, you can enjoy delicious snacks, including the most famous one which is Tay Ho ice cream and shrimp cake.

hanoi at night

  1. Royal City

This is a quite large commercial center. The center is quite famous in Hanoi. The scenery is like the European buildings. It made you quite impressive when coming here. Royal City is like a small European city. Come to Royal City, you will feel the modern, luxurious and beautiful space, very romantic. It will definitely leave you memories or the most beautiful pictures and most interesting experience. Hanoi at night

This is a famous commercial center, a place to have fun. Night walking is quite interesting in Hanoi. You will explore the city from different views. In the commercial center there are some good games for you to experience, specifically you will be playing ice skating, to the water park, watching movies in international cinema or going to the food court to enjoy many delicious dishes. They have good flavor.

  1. Hoan Kiem Lake

If you do not have the opportunity to visit Hoan Kiem Lake at day, visit Hoan Kiem Lake at night. The experience will leave you a beautiful and impressive image. Hanoi at night

Hoan Kiem is so poetry. This is beautiful with extremely romantic space in Hanoi for you to stay.


  1. Vinpearl Aquarium Times City

This is one of the beautiful tourist in Hanoi, it is like a small city in the heart of the capital.

Times City is poetic, beautiful, like a very romantic city at night for you to come.

Times City owns many interesting and unique architectural works, such as Vinpearl Aquarium – this is the largest aquarium in Vietnam up to the present time or Platium Cineplex cinema – known as the largest cinema in Vietnam.

Come to Times City, you will experience a lot of interesting activities.

hanoi at night

  1. Korea Port

The riverfront area is also quite beautiful and romantic at night for you to have the experience.

With the spacious area, there is a beautiful lotus pond. One side is Water Park with poetic beauty. Going with your lovers or a charming and polite man will give you a wonderful night, the most impressive. In evening in Hanoi, where should you go to play? Through this article, we hope to help you find a great destination in the evening to experience the trip is not “boring” as many people do.

Hanoi is beautiful and romantic, especially in the evening, this place more shimmering. However, we has not found any articles that can be synthesized fully, accurately and completely in the night out in Hanoi. Because of this, we have collected, synthesized many places. In this article we will introduce readers these places to refer for a night out in Hanoi.


  1. Dong Xuan night market area of ​​Hanoi

Dong Xuan market is quite famous, known as the largest and most crowded market in the capital, almost everyone living here knows. The market is open in the evening selling quite a lot of attractive items for you to visit, go shopping. Hanoi at night


Dong Xuan night market selling quite a lot of goods in Hanoi for you to find shopping

Especially when you come to the market, you also have the opportunity to enjoy the delicious food, at the market selling quite a lot of famous food in Hanoi, such as noodles, mixed tea, Pho, apricot.


  1. Beer Street

This beer is an ideal venue for visitors on the occasion of the evening, bar cool. On the occasion of the evening, beer street Ta present crowded with the gathering of many students, workers and visitors to visit Hanoi at night.

Come to Beer Street Now enjoy fresh beer and many delicious street food, the most attractive. This street, in addition to special beer, is very famous, it is also attractive by delicious specialties, in which the most outstanding are roasted quail eggs, pancakes or buns extremely delicious.

At Ta Hien there are many kinds of beer for you to enjoy

hanoi at night

  1. Hang Buom Food Street

Hang Buom is also an excellent destination in Hanoi for you to come. The neighborhood is quite crowded, the restaurants here sell quite a lot of delicious food, most of the dishes are wildlife of the Vietnamese people for you to enjoy. Hanoi at night

Walking in Hang Buom cuisine street in Hanoi

The neighborhood is open late at about 19:30 and opens at noon on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays so pay close attention to these times so you can enjoy it. attractive, interesting that this neighborhood brings. Enjoy Hang Buom cuisine with a variety of delicious food

  1. Long Bien Bridge area in Hanoi

Long Bien bridge is quite beautiful, is an architectural stature courtesy of 1 not 2 in Hanoi. If visiting Long Bien Bridge in the day, you will be watching the ancient beauty, long life that it brings. Long Bien bridge is especially beautiful in the evening, is the check in place of many young people when the opportunity to visit Hanoi tourism.

What if I go out at night? When the sun is down, the bridge becomes beautiful, tranquil and romantic, surely this is the ideal night in Hanoi for you to come.

Long Bien Bridge is especially beautiful when the night comes, when thousands of led lights shine, brilliant, illuminate everywhere.


  1. West Lake area of ​​Hanoi

The area around the West Lake is beautiful and impressive with a lot of activities from fun, entertainment, dining to sports activities to the experience.

Walking around the West Lake at night, enjoying fresh air, cool

Perhaps it is because of these things that in the evenings. The West Lake often concentrated quite a lot of people looking. Coming to the West Lake at night, you can comfortably choose for yourself a corner located around the lake and enjoy a delicious sidewalk food, such as grilled rolls, barbecue or fried fish for example. The scenery of the West Lake is poetic, beautiful when the night falls Hanoi at night.


  1. Hoan Kiem Lake

This lake is beautiful day and night is more beautiful and beautiful, it is the place to visit, have fun and romantic evening for you to come.

Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi is poetic, beautiful Hanoi at night

hanoi at night

  1. Royal City

This is the second biggest shopping center in Hanoi. It is a great place for sightseeing and shopping. The uniqueness of Royal City lies in the European style architecture that it brings. Here you will admire this beauty. Royal City with beautiful, modern space. This is known as the big trade center for you to come

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