Saigon Food Street | 10 Recommendations for a Foodie

saigon food street

The streets of Ha Ton Quyen, Nguyen Thuong Hien or District 1, District 2 and so on are the Saigon food street places that you should visit to feel the rich food of this land. Coming to Saigon, please make sure that you have visited the place we suggest below!

  1. Alley 76 Hai Ba Trung (District 1) is a “food paradise” for Saigon Food Street. The price is quite cheap and reasonable. The range for price is from 10,000 to 20,000 VND per dish. The dishes here are rich with rice, beef noodle, sticky rice, crab soup, barbecue noodle, bread, porridge and so on.
Saigon Food Street

Alley 76 with lots of street food

  1. “Fruit Road” Nguyen Canh Chan (District 1)

It is a favorite destination for many generations in Saigon. Foreigners as well as locals have rated this place quite high. A dish has about 7-8 seasonal fruits. Even though they provide the same ingredients, the “points” of each row are colorful patches of vegetables or aromatic, fat of coconut jam. These side dishes make the taste more unique and have tropical feeling. Do not miss this Saigon Street Food when coming to Ho Chi Minh City.

  1. Ho Con Rua (District 3) is a folk name of the gathering of Pham Ngoc Thach, Vo Van Tan and other streets, roads. This Saigon food street operates from 4pm daily. Customers can find here hundreds of dishes with variety of choices. With reasonable price and best food, this place will leave you memorable feeling.
saigon food street

There are many Saigon Food Street

  1. Alley No. 284 Le Van Sy (District 3): In addition to familiar dishes such as salad rolls, fried flour, rice plate, snack and so on, this alley is also famous for specialties such as Quang noodle, Cao Lau which is a Hoi An traditional food, etc. Most of the dishes still keep the taste of the Central region. They are all made by the native people. Visitors enjoy the feeling of sitting on the streets on a chair and tasting Vietnamese street food.
  2. Cao Thang rice cake (district 3) operates from 4pm daily. This dish has a rich kernel. The price depends on type and quantity of the item.

saigon food street

  1. Vinh Khanh (District 4) has dozens of buildings, bustling activities. Every guesthouse has a “nail” to attract guests. Nearby, you can visit Lane 200 Chom District (District 4). It is a paradise for snacks of young people in this area. The two most popular eaten dishes are lagoon and snail.
  2. An Duong Vuong (District 5), near An Duong Vuong – Nguyen Van Cu crossroads) is a cheap snack destination for students – students of nearby schools. You can find here new dishes like beef, dimsum, grilled octopus, vitamins. They say the price here is good for tasty Saigon Food Street.

saigon food street

  1. Cambodian market is a folk name of Le Hong Phong market, District 10, where gathers many specialty dishes coming from Asian countries. In this Saigon food street, it is not difficult to find traditional dishes in Cambodia such as Cambodian tea, noodle and so on.
  2. The bustling streets of Ha Ton Quyen (District 11) are considered as the place where a large number of these Saigon food street restaurants locate. Basically, these restaurants are in the same place and have the same look in food. The reason is because they have the same ingredients and sauce. The secret of competition is the unique and tasty taste of each restaurant.

saigon food street

  1. Phan Xich Long Food Street (Phu Nhuan District): You can find all kinds of food from the popular to the pavement, from the sidewalk to the air-conditioned restaurant on this road. The list of recommended dishes is Singgapore frog (40,000 VND), Ban Me wet cake (about 50,000 VND per person), meditation tea. Phan Van Tri Street: The arterial route of Go Vap District is where you can find hundreds of vans or cafes. Some of the dishes of young people are bread, Ho noodles, spicy noodles.

saigon food street

  1. Pham Van Dong Boulevard attracts diners and young people with hundreds of restaurants, vendor stalls ranging from the most popular to luxurious ones. The list of favorite dishes on this route stretches from rice, vermicelli, to hot pot, grilled tile, grilled skewers. The price can be quite high also. It really depends on the quality of food that you expect. However, this Saigon Food Street is highly recommended to visitors.
  2. The Tan Son Nhat Airport’s wetlands stretch from Hong Ha Street to Yen The Road. You can find dishes of all three regions in this Saigon food street. In particular, this place occupies a considerable number of restaurants specializing in North dishes such as noodles, crab cakes, shrimp paste noodles.

saigon food street

  1. Nguyen Thuong Hien (District 3) is a busy street, but crowded and busy from 3pm. On this route there are dozens of carts, bakery mixed for you to buy and enjoy. The most favorite cake is Vien Vien. To buy this dish at the Uncle Vien, you have to take number and wait for turn.

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