Saigon street food | What to eat

Saigon street food

Beef noodle, oysters, oatmeal, pancakes and so on are the street food in Saigon that appeals to many visitors when coming to this city. It is not difficult to say that Saigon street food plays an important role in the life of its citizen. Street food becomes a character of Vietnamese as well as Saigon culture.


  1. Spicy sour mussels noodle – the most delicious Saigon street food that you should try once


Saigon street food

The noodle has Vietnamese flavor

The taste of this dish will make you feel memorable. In every market, it is easy to find that dish. They sell it with reasonable price. If you are going on a trip, Saigon street food should be one of the remarks for your plan. Spicy sour mussels noodle is a dish that combines both spicy and sour taste. The mussels are well-cooked and surely make your tongue blow. Noodle is what makes the dish complete. The taste has specialty of Vietnam as well as Saigon feeling.


  1. Goi cuon
Saigon street food

Goi Cuon is well-made

Goi cuon is the fresh spring rolls of Saigon street food.  It is a favorite street one of locals and visitors when it comes to Saigon. The CNN travel site once ranked fresh spring rolls as no.30 of the “50 best food in the world” . More and more visitors in and outside the country are coming to enjoy this Saigon street food. Ho Chi Minh city welcomes a large number of tourists every day.

It can be said that the Goi Cuon is a folk dish but very unique. As the style of eating is simple, Goi Cuon is not hard for foreigners to eat. Locals get familiar with its taste and enjoy the dish. The flavor and also the look of fresh spring rolls can flexibly change according to season or according to the preferences of the customers. One can choose to eat meat, shrimp, fried thin fish, boiled eggs … accompanied with herbs, then wrapped carefully. What makes the difference and specialty of the dish is the sauce. The sauce is the soul of the dish. Sauce is in sweet and sour taste. Sometimes dipping sauce is accompanied by fish sauce with many roasted, salty mouth with aromatic flavor and fat.


  1. Banh Mi or Bread
Saigon street food

Banh Mi is Vietnamese famous Street Food

Bread is a wonderful dish. It fits with everything and can be eaten with anything. Therefore, how to make a perfect combination of ingredients is always important to create a delicious loaf of bread Saigon street food. Let’s imagine, you take a bite deep into the crust of crispy bread. Here you find a flavor of fragrant tasty pieces of hot pork roasted with a very hot spicy sauce. Depending on the variety of recipes, different types of bread are well-known for their delicious paté. Some of these recipes are “standard” ham or butterfat. Famous brands ave their own unique recipes and develop them.

You will feel the cool taste of cucumber, then the sweet and sour taste of carrots, pickled paprika. After a while, your mouth has a more specific type of sauce of each ingredient. If a person, he/she can eat spicy add a little chili or chili. Banh Mi is one of the most famous dishes of Saigon street food that you should try.


  1. Pancakes
Saigon street food

Banh Xeo of Vietnam

A delicious street food bold breath of Saigon street food is banh xeo. This delicious dish is like the delicious crepe cake of Vietnam. If you are a visitor who do not know which one to tr, Banh xeo or pancake is a must. When you enjoy the crust, it will feel crispy. In addition, the bread which is the mix of shrimp, meat and bean sprouts plus a bit of herbs makes your mouth watery.

The way to eat this is not too complex. You cut a corner of the cake then rolled with rice paper, raw vegetables and sour. This delicious dish depends very much on the sauce, the sauce needs to be strong while he new cake has increased the attractiveness. Piece of cake with sweet and sour sauce is specially made, you will feel the flavor of the Southern spread over the tongue.


  1. Bo bia – Western Vienam spring rolls
Saigon street food

Bo Bia has a delicious taste

Tourists often get this spring rolls confused with the fresh spring rolls with beef. However, this sweet spring roll is baked in a more sophisticated way. As the food of the Chinese people, the Western Vietnam spring rolls in Saigon street food gradually change, but revolve around five main types of raw materials: sausage, dried shrimp, duck eggs, cassava cut fiber, lettuce rolled by a thin layer of rice paper, dotted with special soy sauce. Bo Bia is a dish that foreigners give a good review on. You should try this Saigon street food in your trip.


  1. Banh Tai Yen
Saigon street food

Banh Tai Yen has an interesting name

Its name in Vietnamese means the cake of bird nest. The name of this Saigon street food is so interesting because it was originally set up by the villagers in the shape of a bird nest of the cake. As time goes by, the name is quite long to read so the locals deviate into the “nest” only. In some places, Banh Tai Yen cakes are also cakes in short calling. A “right” Banh Tai Yen must ensure the long-lasting taste of rice flour cooked in the cake. The foaminess of the outer shell, the sweet sweetness of sugar and coconut milk and the requirements on shape, color are quite important too.

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