Unique things Hanoi | What to do when visiting this city?

unique things Hanoi

Who said that Saigon is the only sleepless city of Vietnam? Hanoi also is a city of nightlife. There are many unique things Hanoi! Playing at night in Hanoi is an interesting activity.

Thanks to a sleepless night, I discovered a very spacious, airy and extremely interesting capital. Let’s take a ride to explore Hanoi at night, eat porridge delicious ribs, go around the flower market, taste the noodle soup mouthful of tasty flavor, watch the whole minutes of the Long Bien bridge and watch the ceremony turning down the flag.


Here is the itinerary for unique things Hanoi

11:00 – Eat porridge in Dong Xuan market

2:00 – Flower Market Quang Ba

4:00 – Enjoy the noodle soup Pho Hanoi

5:00 – Watch the sunrise on Long Bien bridge

6:00 – See the flag ceremony

11:00 – Eat porridge in Dong Xuan market


To start the journey to explore Hanoi at night, we decided to fill our stomach with boiling soup. The noodle is cooked for 4 hours as it is for dinner. Unique things Hanoi It serves with bowls of ribs porridge filled with straw. You can enjoy the taste of noodle at Dong Xuan market while having a feeling about Hanoi life. People go. People come. People work.

unique things Hanoi

Hanoi at night

Only with low chairs, people come to have street food here don’t need a table. Next to the courtyard at the number 14, Huyen Anh ribs noodle is opposite to the market gate.

Unlike ordinary rice porridge, porridge here is reminiscent of white porridge, taste well with sweetly cooked ribs and a bit more spicy. Add a few spices  and a little pepper, porridge bowl will surelyknock you down from the first bite. The rice porridge also serves all kinds of tea from lemon tea to your plain tea. After eating, you can sit down and have a conversation with friends after a long day of things.

They enjoy the atmosphere here. It has a feeling of ancient and traditional Hanoi.

Although the price is slightly expensive compared to conventional porridge, but to enjoy the taste of “porridge Huyen Anh cooking, delicious as the mother cook,” quality ribs and eight stories of dropping tea on ice tea, it is totally worth a adventure night.

What you pay is less than what you get.

Huyen Anh Ribs Porridge

Address: 14, Dong Xuan, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Prices range from 30,000 VND – 45,000 VND

Operation time: 19:00 – 2:00

unique things Hanoi

Huyen Anh Ribs Porridge has a tasty taste

2:00 – Flower Market Quang Ba

After a few rounds explore Hanoi at night on the street and various corner, we told each other stories and laughed, we ran through the flower market Quang Ba. If you love to see colorful bicycles in the streets of Hanoi early morning, Quang Ba flower market is a paradise for you. Unique things Hanoi

Located on Au Co street, Tay Ho district, only 10 minutes from the old town by motorbike, this flower market is crowded with people and vehicles. The market is like a different world with Hanoi night away with the scene of the purchase of the uncle for a flower. Ladies and mothers go to the market early to buy flowers or set up wandering around the market as just to … look.

The bouquets are quickly unloaded from the truck loaded with all kinds and then placed neatly into the stalls into the “small flower garden” color shades, sunflower, baby lovely with cheap price startled equal to 1/5 the price outside the shop. Although not yet come here, just passing Au Co street can make sure that you find the market right by the smell of fragrant flowers without having to look for the location on map.

Standing next to thousands of flowers, your body feels relaxing. You can take thousands of good photos here. That’s a memorable experience.

Not only can you walk among the blooming flowers, pick some beautiful flowers to decorate your house but also you can have the beautiful basket too. The sellers here are so nice to visitors.

unique things Hanoi

Quang Ba flower market

Quang Ba Flower Market

Address: Nghi Tam Dam, Tay Ho District, Hanoi

Operation time: From 23:00 – 6:00


4:00 – Enjoy the noodle soup – Pho Hanoi – Unique things Hanoi.

When it comes to Hanoi, people always think of Pho which is an enjoyable bowl of noodle and beef.  It brings about feelings of “a heaven to remember”. When feeling hungry and thirsty, we find Pho Thao not far from the Old Quarter. The owner said it has been there for nearly 30 years in the old town. This Pho vendor is located in the corner of Hang Chieu crossroad – Hang Duong that welcome many customers coming here for beef at night. Because of its special location in the heart of the city, a large number of customers have come here and tried this special bowl.

Pho noodle soup is sold from 3:30 am to 6 o’clock is full by the recipe of homemade pho delicious from her thought Thoa. She said, eat pho must eat the morning right. At that time, the noodles are hot and sweet; tasty with delicious smell. New and fragrant, Pho is still fresh. Thus, the bowl of pho new full of flavor will help you have a good day.

Bowl of beef Pho has delicious tasting of traditional Pho.

People go to late or go to work early to eat a plate of praise that is so rich, noodles long beef tenderloin sauce soft melting in the mouth, when eaten a little bit more lemon and add a bit of chilli is excellent. The chefs just do enough to make me crave saliva now!

unique things Hanoi

A bowl of Pho noodle

Pho Miss Hoa is a meeting point for the posture of boiling stomach, worth to visit when coming to Hanoi at night.

Pho Miss Hoa

Address: Hang Duong Crossroad – Hang road, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Prices range from: 40.000 VND – 45.000 VND


5:00 – Watch the sunrise on Long Bien Bridge

No belly, we re-enter the car round the streets empty people Hanoi night and suddenly stop on the Long Bien bridge only by love the cool wind in the summer. Unique things Hanoi provide you unforgettable memories.

You may have been on the iron bridge built from the French colonial era with this old Western architecture a thousand times, but not the existence of a super beautiful dawn from the bridge. The old bridge color of peaceful time happens as they still fall asleep in Hanoi night. This moment awakened by the bright red sunrise in the East.

The old bridge woke up well before dawn. Within a few short moments, the sun rose out of the cloud, shining the first light of the day into the old iron bridge, which made the scenery wonderfully poetic. The train swiftly swept past the old bridge.

All of us, sitting on the motorbike next to the bridge, under the cool breeze summer, eyes stare at the red sun, calmly enjoy the very first moment of fresh beginning unique things Hanoi. This feeling will help you have energy for all day long.

unique things Hanoi

Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge

Location: Long Bien – Hanoi

Sunrise Time: From 5:00 to 5:30

6:00 – See the flag ceremony

After enjoying the cool and bright dawn at Long Bien Bridge, we rushed to Ba Dinh Square, where the flag was held every 6am. In time for music, the army is moving toward the flagpole. They stop by just a few minutes away from the ceremony.


The flag-raising ceremony is taking place in a solemn atmosphere.

Unlike the feeling of standing before the flag at nine o’clock in the evening, standing in front of the red flag, the yellow star was drawn up and fluttered over the sky at Ba Dinh Square. At the beginning, the energy and the atmosphere for a new day filled. Our trip to Hanoi at night ended so beautifully.

Venue: Ba Dinh Square

Time: 6:00 am

So I had a great trip to Hanoi at night with a memorable first experience. Try to make a nightcap to feel a simple Hanoi that you feel fun; you will have great moments in life unforgettable. Believe me!

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