What to eat Hanoi

The combination of good food in Hanoi is fantastic. If you want to enjoy what to eat Hanoi, sometimes you have to go into every little corner. Each street in Hanoi has its own typical dishes. Here are 23 addresses that taste delicious to try in Hanoi once in a lifetime.


  1. what to eat hanoi – 54 Hang Chieu

This is a long and fragrant stew. The sweet sauce with shrimps and bone, not a barbecue of the main noodles make it perfect. I admire their secret for the dish. The taste is very strong and smells good. Just grab chopsticks separate the cherished pieces to enjoy the red roses inside. You definitely need to go there and try it on.


  1. Bread with Wine Soup – 252 Hàng Bông

Pate square feels soft and tastes very well. Eggs are perfectly cooked. If you like to eat it again, sweet jambon, cucumber are two things you should not miss.


  1. Banh Trang Tron – Hang Trong

The box of avocado rolls is not as good as the mashed potatoes because there is not much to eat but only spices, shrimps and raisins. What to eat Hanoi But the most delicious one here is the butter sauce, not margarine or butter only. Butter is a fresh chicken egg coming with butter sauce, rich in fatty aroma.

what to eat hanoi


  1. Squid noodle – Trung Yen Yen

Quartet to the right of this Yen Yen Lane, Pho Sand – Bun nun is where you should go. The fried squid here is very delicious and yumm.


  1. Tho Luo Chinese cake

“This restaurant is legendary of the legends. If you do not believe, you should go to eat breakfast or lunch here. You will change your mind immediately. Here you can buy a lot of fish, chips, and other good food.


  1. Fried phở – 206 Khâm Thiên

Delicious food, crunchy pho with dipping sauce, delicious sauce with satay, good food, a 50.000 VND, fast food, boss. What to eat Hanoi?That’s all for this crazy dish.

what to eat hanoi

  1. Restaurant of Eastern countries – 87 Hang Dieu

“I love to eat meringue mixed with peanuts, vegetables, fried eel with crunchy lime added with chili sauce, it is great always.” The water used to eat hot, bold, “- commented Hạnh Linh on Foody.


  1. Stir fried with crab – 1 So Dau

Stir-fried noodles are also quite attractive, this dish is good here. The vermicelli is also quite tough and crispy, and also has a very strong taste of crab.

what to eat hanoi

  1. Noodle soup – 48 Cau Go

We ended our evening by the familiar bowl of vermicelli: vermicelli noodles and vermicelli noodles, noodles with many restaurants, just delicious food, everything from broth to shrimp sauce. I like the taste of the old, like in the “Hanoi Delicacies” have been instilled in the vermicelli, super noodles, super no.There are always 3 pieces of ribs. What to eat Hanoi It’s only a pity that the evening meal is very high, as well as soft and crunchy, not boring.


  1. Hue noodle soup

Bowl of vermicelli, snails full of all kinds of small things, the soft sour taste of tomatoes mixed with water is very sticky noodles one type hot noodles, another cool vermicelli. Cold water is a little bit more tomato and it’s cooler than hot noodles … Please eat tomatoes or go to free herbs for more comfort .. 30.000 VND per bowl is quite cheap and you can eat in the morning or noon.


  1. Noodle soup – Ham Long Street

I know this restaurant and I have not seen any better.” The meat is sweet and thick and sweet, meat is called half of the tightly knit with the noodles and noodles attached. think nc sauce is normal but eat only enjoy here but do not like the soy sauce garlic, chilli water use bamboo shoots.


  1. Noodles along the Old Quarte – 18 Bat Dan

Here noodles along the mosquito has enough ingredients to accompany the meat leg legs, hooves, sprouting, tongue, ribs, along the mosquitoes nhé.I eat meat and my friends eat full.Individual see bowl noodles here called Meat is tender, sweet and tasty, aromatic Meat is soft, lean with fat and swollen, nails are stewed or starchy and tender, and there is a bowl of sauce accompanied with soy sauce mixed with chili garlic, eat well.


  1. Hang Bo ribs

Bowl of hot porridge, ivory yellow, rolled a piece into the mouth but also raw sweet of rice and bones stew.” Here the porridge does not have ribs like Dong Xuan, I also feel the quality of hygiene than that.


  1. Fried Rice

“The restaurant has both hot and fried fried.” If you eat fried, wait for a little longer but not too long Xoi recognized delicious, fried also not too picky, spoiled pick from the meat warehouse, spring rolls, fried ribs, crawfish, eggs.

what to eat hanoi

  1. Hot Casting Cake – Le Ngoc Han

The cake is hot and smooth, the meat mixed with the sour sweet and sour just right of the sauce to add a little dry onion in winter called soothing massage.


  1. Doan Rua Porridge – Hang Bong

The first floor looks a bit dark and cramped, and the space for the porridge is very good, and the fish are fragrant, not tanh, and not eaten.” Watery, just mouth. What to eat Hanoi


  1. Sticky rice – Nguyen Chi Thanh

I have to say that it is very delicious, hot, fragrant, smooth, easy to eat, fish, eat only sweet, crispy, just fried. Made from sticky rice, fish, dry onion should ensure I like to eat onions, so I always have a lot of food to go to the shop every time I see the owner of the shop fried fish, fragrant, always. I like this point, although sometimes it takes a long time.


  1. Vietnamese bean soup – Tray

Vermicelli, meat bean bite, always bite meat, meat and sausage legs are delicious with nem fried shrimp sauce more fragrant with more chili” go away. What to eat Hanoi


  1. Grilled noodles – Au Trieu

The restaurant is located next to the Cathedral, 5k a barbecue nem delicious food, especially the hot, soft and fat noodles of greasy eat very often. I often call 2 more lemon tea to help me with the chilli sauce is very dense, slightly loose liquid just sweet and spicy always, I always like this chilli sauce.

what to eat hanoi

  1. Grilled Street Grill

I am quite satisfied with the barbecue here, the cows, the noodles, the three just … are marinated sweet, just mouth.The price is ok, more than a hundred people are comfortable eating.

  1. Bat Man tea

I still know this hot food will be better, but at the same time I bought cold food is still delicious. Green tea sweet bar is not sharp, biting bean fragrant aroma porridge occasionally. What to eat Hanoi


  1. Nem of Ms Hong

To the restaurant, you will be asked to eat food for two people. For two people, remember the price is 100.000VND. They will set themselves ready to serve you with full leaf vegetables and desserts things. Nem with good taste, sweet taste meat, too delicious. Set vegetables leaf full of things, roll with thin nem eat delicious bar. Eat is crushed forever. What to eat Hanoi

what to eat hanoi

  1. Hoanh cake

Talking about the cake to mention Ms. Hoanh – the most delicious restaurant serving rolls, a plate full of food, full sauce, especially the meat or grill is very delicious, meat marinated It is very different from the other bakery shops, which is delicious, 30.000 VND for a meal is worth the money.

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